Getting Started
The best way to get started if you think you may be paying too high of an electric bill, is to get a certified energy audit, through the APS & SRP approved project that is called the Arizona Home Performance Program. With two thirds of the cost being covered by your utility, and up to 70% of the cost of the repairs or improvements being taken care of as well through the program, it is the most practical way to learn about ways to improve your home's energy efficiency. Order your 20 point energy audit inspection today, and call us at (480) 428-8050
How It Works
Enjoy Amazing Benefits
  • »  Save on Energy - Up to 40%!
  • »  Reduce or Eliminate Hot spots
  • »  Increase Home Value
  • »  Lower your Carbon Footprint
  • »  Great Financing - 12 (SAC)!
  • »  Generous Utility Rebates & Tax Credits
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